Been There. Done That

By Catey Clever

This is the advice column you have all been waiting for.
Been there, done that is your source for all things.
Don’t be embarrassed to ask, Catey Clever doesn’t know who you are.
Been there, done that is completely anonymous. It is a great way for college students to ask the most
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Catey Clever is also anonymous, so students do not have to worry about privacy.
Your questions will be answered not only by Catey Clever, but also by an expert in that field.
Who is Catey Clever? She is a young-at-heart lady who has truly been there, and done that.
She can relate to any situation, or find someone who can, no matter how strange.
She has no filter whatsoever, so if you are looking for the truth, you will find it.
Catey Clever will tell you if you have a valid concern or if you are full of… spit and vinegar.
Catey Clever knows a lot of people from all her adventures in life.
If you have a medical question, she has an expert for that.
If you have a mental health concern, she knows someone for that as well.
If you need relationship advice, you can bet that Catey Clever is the expert on that.
She can advise you on everything from sex to alcohol, from college life to gynecology, from cancer to
strokes, from boyfriend problems to singles problems to financial questions and anything in between. She has
seen it all first-hand.
Anything you need to know, but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask even your closest friend, Catey
Clever has it covered. You can be completely anonymous and so can she.
The only thing you have to do is email her at [email protected]
Drop a line including your most curious question. Then just wait for your answer to appear in the next
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It’s the best way to seek and obtain advice, while still maintaining your anonymity.
Give Catey a try.
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Go ahead. Catey Clever is waiting for your question today.

Q: Dear Catey,
How can I stop myself from being homesick?

A: We all love home, and we all miss our families, but the best way to keep from getting the blues is to stay
busy. It sounds cliche, yes, but it is also true. Get out. Make some friends, join a few clubs, or play a sport. After a
while, you will be too busy to think about anything else. Also, try not to go home. I know you think it will fix it,
but sometimes it just really makes it worse. Try to stay here and see what’s going on around campus. This will
help you in the long run to feel more independent and get rid of those blues.

Q: Dear Catey,
My friend is dating a guy that is all wrong for her. He’s rude, obnoxious and swaying her to ideas that she has
never had in the past. I am worried that she is being brainwashed by her new boo. What should I do?

A: I know this is hard. But, I have been there and done that. You all are adults now. You can think what you
want about the guy your friend is dating, but she has rose-colored glasses on right now. She is not going to see
the same thing you see. If you push it, she may start to think that you are jealous because she is spending less
time with you.
You need to let her be an adult and make her own mistakes. I promise, she will realize sooner or later, that he
is not the one, and she will come crying to you that you were right. Just be her shoulder to lean on and help her
get through it. There is not much else you can do without causing friction and resentment in your relationship
with her.

Do you have a question? Email Catey Clever at [email protected]