FAD or Flop

By Jamie Doublet
Contributing Writer

The sun may have set on Piedmont College’s summer break, but good times haven’t stopped for the Lions.
Students haven’t even been on campus for a month and some are already inventing new ways to make Piedmont
a place of adventure.
Some have decided that if they can’t spend their days sunning by the pool, they can try to bring the pool to
Poolside shindigs are a fairly new phenomenon on campus and already spaces such as the volleyball pit and
resident halls have been reputed to host a wide variety of what can only be described as pool parties. This might
seem like an odd notion: having a pool party on a college campus, but Piedmont students have stepped up, as
they have countless times before, and exhibited their innovative skills and desire to have fun.
Though some schools boast swimming pools on campus for teams and students to use, Piedmont College is
sorely lacking an aquatic center, which might be one source of inspiration for the recurring events.
This trend of swimming pools might have sparked some notice around campus, but so far nothing has been
done to halt the mirthful summer throwbacks. While some students have created makeshift pools out of the beds
of trucks, others have actually salvaged kiddie pools and are using them to cool off after long days of classes.
Whether or not the pools are actually acceptable has yet to be determined. Concerns have been voiced about
the activity that occurs while students wade in the water, but the count of incidents in which negative results
have come from the pools is zero.
Some might argue that the pools are a safety hazard. Some might argue that they are simply an inventive way
to have fun. Regardless, there is no denying the draw of harkening back to childhood and spending an afternoon
having splash fights.
The kiddie pool trend is a fad that has been quick to ignite, but despite its strong build up, it is remaining
strangely under wraps. The big mystery now is whether or not the administration will keep letting them
Personally, the fact that students have found a great way to de-stress and have fun seems like a positive.
Before summer comes to an end, grab a pair of pool floaties and join in on the fun!