Happy finals week

Contributing Writer

Final exams are not that far away. They are a stressful time for everyone but I always seem to be a little more stressed than usual.
Not only am I working and taking care of my family, now I have to spend the extra time away studying more, hoping that I will make a good enough grade to give me that little extra help to pass my classes. I know that I am not the only one that struggles with this.
There are a lot of us parents, whether we are single parents, married with children, one parent attending, or both parents attending, and each semester we seem to find a new friend that is in the same boat.
Everyone has a different path in life, but there are ways that we somehow connect and relate to one another.
By the end of the semester though, we always seem to pull together and help each other find a way through the end of it all.
As this semester is coming to a close for the second time for me, I am blessed with new friends and old ones that I have become closer to.
As each semester passes, I learn more about myself and I know that even though at times, I want to give up. But my family depends on me, which in the end makes it truly worth it all. I am sure that all my other friends with families feel the same way too.
So here in the next couple of weeks, as it gets closer and we get stressed out, just remember take a deep breath and relax.
The countdown is here, and we are going to make it. In two weeks, we will be home bound and carefree!
Everything in the end is always worth it as long as you reach for it and make it yours. My wish to all of you is for good luck in your futures. We got this!