ObamaCare is frustrating

Features Editor

ObamaCare, the Obama administration’s healthcare system that was recently passed and put into effect, has been a hot-button issue for a few years now.
Finally, it seemed like those wanting to take advantage of this offering (healthcare for all) could sign up by visiting the user-friendly website.
However, the deadline for registration had to be pushed back to April 15 of this year from March 31. This is due to the website failing to allow users to login.
If they were already logged in, at a certain point the whole website would crash.
With the deadline approaching, and users not being able to complete their applications, email notifications of the new deadline were sent out, but the website it still experiencing difficulties.
It seems absolutely ridiculous that the website that is supposed to be able to handle the nation’s population mandatorily logging in to sign up can’t get it right.
The question I ask myself is whether this is just bad coding on the part of the government, or are they playing a sick joke on the nation as a whole?
For instance, I haven’t been able to log into my account since I set it up weeks before the first deadline. When the security questions page pops up to try and confirm it’s actually me, I find a question that I didn’t even answer when I signed up.
What’s going on here? Are they just trying to trick me into answering it to the best of my ability only to inadvertently lock myself out of the account?
Come on Obama administration.
You fought so hard for this and now it’s just making you look even worse.
Too bad the only thing that looks good in the entire administration is Obama’s speechwriter. Can I get an amen?