Athens editorial: Leadership and success…music to my ears


Some of you may already be familiar with The National Society of Leadership and Success. Doesn’t the name itself sound sweet? I don’t know about you, but the two words “leadership” and “success” are like music to my ears.

I can proudly say that this organization has changed my life.

I will admit that before I joined I was not very career focused; I just liked goofing off and attending social functions with my friends. If you ask me now what I want to do with my future, I would respond by saying that I want to change the world for the better. Through The National Society of Leadership and Success, I have had the opportunity to listen to extremely successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen, professors, celebrities, comedians, authors, life coaches and mny more. These accomplished people explain their personal journeys and the methods they used to achieve success. They pass it on to help you. I found their stories to be extremely inspiring, and I am using that inspiration to plan my future with confidence instead of feeling anxiety and doubt. I bet on myself now because I have a better handle on what it takes.

So here is my tip. If you are not familiar with The National Society of Leadership and Success, contact student activities and give it a shot. I think you will appreciate the tip.