Housing changes

BY SABRINA PAGE, Contributing Writer

Students on campus received an email Feb. 25 describing the new process to sign up for housing. Each student was assigned a specific time to report to the Student Center to pick their dorm room for next year.
“Time slots are based on credit hours completed towards your degree. If two people have the same credit hours, GPA was used to determine a selection time,” said Dean of Student Engagement Emily Pettit by email.
Due to this kind of sign up, those who had fewer hours were able to sign up for an upperclassmen dorm. Students around campus had a lot to say.
“It’s outrageous that students with 27 hours are going to be living in Mayflower when the handbook says that anyone less than 60 hours can not live in there,” said junior mass communications major Xandy Green. “It is considered a senior dorm. When did the handbook change and why were the students unaware of this?”
“Apartments in Mayflower, Johnson or Swanson that are not filled with two residents at the close of housing selection on March 15th, may be consolidated to accommodate gender ratios. In other words you may be reassigned,” stated Pettit by email.
While some students are upset, others benefitted from the new process.
“The new system made it possible for friends with huge hour differences to still be able to room together and have a chance at the dorm they wanted. I’m going to graduate next fall, so getting into the dorm I wanted was great,” said senior finance major Jacob Brewster.
Students continued signing up for dorms until March 14.