Matt Stephens: the unsung hero of Piedmont

BY STONE KELLY, Contributing Writer

Not only does junior baseball player Matt Stephens strike out opponents with his flaming fastball on the mound for the Lions, but he also grabs the attention and recruits seniors in high school who are looking for a place to study. Stephens has served as a member of Team Piedmont ever since he began attending Piedmont College.
“I wanted to make the most out of my time at Piedmont, and I figured if I could help make other students time at Piedmont more enjoyable by joining this club, then I should,” said Stephens.
Team Piedmont is a club made up of residential students who help give the college a good reputation while recruiting potential students. The club holds events such as Senior Overnight, where students come to Piedmont and stay the night with the club members. This event helps seniors in high school understand what a day (and night) at Piedmont College is like.
Without his help with Team Piedmont, potential future students would not truly understand what it is like at Piedmont College.
“I remember coming to the scholarship luncheon and meeting Matt Stephens. He gave the best campus tour I have ever been on. He was funny. I could barely focus on the actual tour,” said freshman Brian Strahan.
“Whether it’s just joking around in the dugout or asking Matt a question about a situation on the field, he is definitely someone I look to,” said Stephens’ teammate Chris Geralds.