Don’t Objectify Me

Contributing Writer

When it comes to colleges, I know that Piedmont is not the largest, or in the most populated town, but what I can definitely proclaim is that Piedmont has got to be one of the nicest colleges I’ve been to. I don’t just mean how everyone holds the door for you, I mean that at Piedmont, I do not feel as much of a societal gap between the male and female students here.
On almost all of the other campuses that I have been to, I have been whistled at, cat -called and even had my personal space bubble infiltrated a few times.
Here at Piedmont, I don’t get harassed by anyone, and for the most part, I am left alone. This might not be such a big issue for the men of the campus, but I know that any woman who has walked the streets of any city knows my fear of strange men.
A lot of the men in the world don’t realize that women do not like to be addressed in a derogatory way. You may think you are kidding, or “just giving a compliment,” but to a lot of women, these words can be very hurtful. It can even make them uncomfortable to the point that they carry a knife on their person at all times.
These men that cat-call or whistle at us when we are walking to an interview or to our jobs, make a lot of women feel self conscious, scared and down right filthy. These women wear their clothes and makeup for them, not for you to ogle and gawk at.
If you have a compliment, why not just tell a woman in a respectful manner, instead of whistling a “Hey, baby,” or “Hey, sexy.” If instead, a man or woman were to approach me and compliment my outfit or my hair, then the matter would make me happy and probably make my day.
Too many people don’t understand that derogatory words don’t always mean to curse at someone, but can also be disguised as a back-handed compliment.
Please watch what you say to men, or women if you find them attractive. If you have to say something, try complimenting their hair or clothes rather than their body.