We’ll meet you in the middle




Although you are located an hour away in the beautiful city of Athens, you are still a part of this college and the Piedmont community as a whole. 

I’ll be honest, sometimes students on the Demorest campus do forget about you guys, only because you do not remind us that you are there, and we do not take the time to remember. 

Starting now, why not work to bridge the gap between Demorest and Athens, so rather than feeling like two schools who happen to share the same name, we can actually become one community?

I realize that sometimes it’s not possible to drive up to the Demorest campus to see a play, or attend a sporting event, but this is your school too. The Demorest campus belongs to every student of Piedmont, not just the ones who happen to live the closest. Your PC student ID gets you in free to events just like mine does. Our spring formal is your spring formal too, but I highly doubt anyone from the Athens campus has ever attended. 

Before I became the Athens section editor, I knew zero people on the Athens campus, and I was content living my life  not knowing or caring to know any of you. Now that I have gotten to know some incredible people on the Athens campus, I think that my previous attitude is a pathetic one. Yeah, we don’t see each other everyday, but that doens’t mean we can’t get to know one another. 

I feel like if we actually tried to reach out to one another and make an effort, we could become one big, amazing campus, instead of two. If you think it’s a good idea, talk to someone about hosting an event where Demorest and Athens students can get together. I know that some students travel to respective campuses for required classes already, so they may know a few people on each campus. 

We all have the same issues with Piedmont, and we all share the same joys. We have some of the same professors, and we can all appreciate the struggles of being a college student. And trust me when I say that most students from the Demorest campus thoroughly enjoy the city of Athens. 

So, let’s start building relationships between Athens and Demorest. Let’s create an open dialogue between the two campuses. Ask about a shuttle to a sporting event, or a play, or come to spring formal. Don’t think I just want the Athens campus to make the effort, Demorest needs to work on their open arm reception as well. I know that if we all come together, we can make our years at Piedmont even more special.