SGA discusses lounge, elections

BY JESSIE OWENSBY, Co-Opinions Editor

On Feb. 5, the Student Government Association held  a meeting that wasn’t announced to students.

The members of the association got together through text to decide on a meeting time, but didn’t have enough time to let the student body know about it.

However, The Navigator was able to obtain a copy of the minutes.

The members were able to have a long discussion about several topics, and even put some of them to a vote.

Here are some of the topics discussed at the meeting:

• Commuter Lounge- They voted to have workdays to finish the remodel as soon as possible. Those days are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30p.m.- 8:30p.m. All students are encouraged to come and help get the remodel finished.

• Secretary Vote- SGA voted in favor of letting the secretary, Caroline Harmon, have a senate vote. Until now, she was considered an executive, and those positions do not have a vote on SGA.

• Compass Program- The vote was passed to give advisors more leeway for the Compass Program, so that they can help polish it.

• Upcoming Elections- SGA will be working on training packets for upcoming members. Elections for SGA will be held in April. Students from all facets of the student body are encouraged to run for SGA. More details on election dates and processes are to be announced at a later date.

• Sigma Alpha Pi- SGA discussed how to weave this association in with SGA to teach leadership to the student body.

• Freshman involvement in SGA- Members discussed peer leadership, encouraging freshman interest over the summer, getting more involved in Pre-Orientation over the summer, making a good first impression of leadership for the incoming students and parents.

• High school interest- SGA members discussed how to get high school students excited about a leadership workshop. They suggested bringing in Sigma Alpha Pi members to help. They also talked about having speakers from leaders around campus.

When asked about a meeting schedule so that it can be posted for all students to be able to attend and give feedback or suggestions, SGA Vice President, Katt Knarr said, “We don’t have a set schedule. We just get together about a week ahead of time and try to work out a good time to meet.”

However, SGA Advisor Natalie Crawford said the SGA meets the first Wednesday of every month at 5:30 p.m.

In the future, Crawford promised to add a Navigator staff member to the email group so that the meetings can be covered often and accurately.