Pat’s Perspective: Roar Nation



In my four years as a Lion, I’ve seen the sports teams through many ups and downs. The Lady Lions soccer team has made it to two regional tournaments, the men’s baseball team has made it to one regional tournament, lacrosse has become a sport at Piedmont, and the men’s basketball team rebounded from a disastrous season and has been successful. I could go on for days about my stories as a Piedmont Lion, but perhaps the most astounding story of all is the one about the difference in the support from the student body. 

Freshman year in 2010, it was difficult to even get two rows of people filled with students for a men’s basketball game. This season, I have people calling my phone the day before games asking if we can get a paint up together. Students have also asked for permission to have a student tailgate for the baseball and softball games. Many people are probably asking the question, “It’s a college, why is this such a surprise?” If you knew how real the struggle is to bring the student body of Piedmont College together, you would understand.  With so many different types of people with so many different interests, it’s not easy bringing all of them together for a sporting event. But this year, after students put together a marketing team to get students to come out for home basketball games, we’re seeing a change. Students are “cramming the cave” for our men and women on the court, Loudermilk Field was packed for opening day of the baseball season, and with warm weather fast approaching, we can only expect to see more students out and about for the spring sports. What has been the change? Sure, the marketing team has helped bring students together, but it’s been a love for being a Lion that has ultimately put backsides in the grandstands. It’s been students not just coming to support a friend, but coming to support Roar Nation. Athletes and non-athletes alike, students are coming to these sporting events to support their college. I certainly hope that after I graduate in May students will continue the tradition that has been instilled this year. Keep supporting each other Piedmont, Roar Pride.