“MELISTA”: Auf Wiedersehen



Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform all of you that Melista is being prematurely ended due to the opinions of a number of members of the newspaper editorial staff. Gosh I sure hope they print that part. I know sometimes my thoughts are too much for people and are censored, but I don’t want anyone to think I’m leaving by choice. So, this is my last list. So I have some very important things to say. I was planning on writing about this particular topic shortly before graduation but I suppose it applies just as much now as it would then. I wanted to write a list of all the crazy things I’ve done in college. All the messes I’ve gotten into and the rules I’ve broken in my fantastic 4 year journey. Unfortunately I realized it might be too incriminating for me to admit to it all at once. So instead, for all you kids out there who will stay at Piedmont after we leave, I have a much shorter and less incriminating list. Here are some of the rules found in our Student Handbook that I’ve never done. I have never: 

Murdered anyone, on or off campus 

Had a furry animal live in my room 

Chalked without authorization on main campus

Checked out of my dorm late

Had a gun on campus

Physically assaulted Piedmont faculty or staff

Sexually assaulted Piedmont faculty or staff 

Abused sound amplification equipment 

Forged official Piedmont documents 

Sold explosives

Tampered with fire safety equipment

Been late to Pleysier

The moral of the story is to go do something crazy the second you finish reading this. There will always be rules and often times they are designed to protect us but sometimes they are just stupid. There are often consequences for breaking rules but sometimes it’s worth it. You get to chose to follow them or break them. Maybe you get caught and Maybe you don’t and it just matters that you’re ready either way. So go break rules. Its college and it’s silly not to break at least one or two. If you don’t take risks you have silly boring stories. Risks are fun and consequences help you grow. That’s my last piece of Melista advice. Do something risky. 

quences help you grow. That’s my last piece of Melista advice. Do something risky.