Be Happy, Not SAD

Contributing Writer

Sadness is when you feel like everything is against you. The world seems to turn slower.
The day becomes longer, and the skies are constantly grey.
There is a point in everyone’s lives when they feel sad.
Their bones ache, heads hurt, and they have no motivation. Sadness can occur in anyone’s life.
These symptoms may occur during certain times of the year depending on the person.
Some of the events that can cause you to be sad are divorce, young pregnancies, money problems, a friendship and even a car wreck.
Although we can blame many things for depression, it is also hereditary.
This may seem like an article that is going to talk you though the conversation of depression and how you should seek professional medical help, but this story is going to take you in another direction.
Say if all these years, during certain times, you feel sad.
There’s not a reason for it; your body is just not motivated.
What if the root of this reoccurring problem is the weather changes that winter brings upon us?
According to Time Magazine, scientists from the American Psychiatric Association have found a new disorder that occurs only during winter.
It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.
SAD is another term for depression that comes with the bad weather changes that winter brings.
Doctors have stated that it is considered a mental disorder and it is still under scientific examination.
The American Psychiatric Association was the foundation of SAD.
According to the Mayo Clinic, “ In order to meet the qualification of SAD, and individual must be showing depression and other symptoms for two years, depression free episodes, and unexplained behavior.”
Some of the ways you can help prevent SAD is to exercise more, get plenty of rest and have a positive attitude, even if you are freezing.
As far as depression, there is light therapy available that helps mellow out your serotonin levels.
Winter can be harmful to your entire body, not just the mind, so if you believe you could have SAD, go get checked out.
Seeing your primary caretaker can only help, and keep your eye on the next season.
Will you take a stand to help prevent SAD in your life? How will you beat this disorder?