Creative Corner

“Waking Up Next to You” by Sarah Brown
My Swan, my dream, something that wouldn’t
come true. My Swan, the understand-
ing of what was out there. My Swan knows of things
that I couldn’t dream. Yet, My Swan can’t come
out. Healing Swan, one day
after the next you heal. Healing Swan, then one
day, you were set free. Shot down!
Her hopes, Her hopes are like the
wide open area which she flies.
Her hopes that she will be set free
And let go of the snare which has her.
Her hopes are to become wanted and graceful.
Her struggle to light the world with beauty.
Her struggle to make her- self something beautiful.
Her struggle to make things come true.
The Swan, Beautiful and desired. She’s wanted for her grace
and talent, But put aside because
she’s different. They’re all white,
She black. A rare bird she turns out
to be. My Swan,
My constant struggle for beauty and grace.
My Swan, the difference between world and dream.
My Swan, What will it take to make you real?

“I Will Remember” by Sarah Brown
I will remember
This time when you spoke. You spoke words of lies I saw them unproved. I saw your face You were new Not the man that I once
knew I will remember
The way that you spoke to me.
Through slurred talk And vulgar speech. I didn’t see you face. I didn’t hear her screams. But i will remember The day you lied to me