Campus Activity Board Books “The Band No One Knows”

By NIC SRIDEJEditor-in-Chief
To kick off the spring se- mester, the Campus Activity Board secured a brand new entertainer: “The Band No One Knows” is an alternative indie-rock band from No- where, Oklahoma.
“I wouldn’t necessarily call ourselvesindieorrockforthat matter,” said the lead singer oftheobscureband.“Wejust love to make music, that’s all. And we hope that’s enough for our audiences as well.”
The band is new, not just to the North Georgia moun- tains, but on the music scene in general.
“We like to think of our- selves as musical nomads. We don’t stay in one area for too long. Once we decided we wouldplaymusic,weleftNo- where.”
The band’s largest fan base resides in Nowhere. It’s a cult followingthatrunstheband’s website and creates buzz for them online.
“There’s not much recogni- tion for them right now,” said the self-proclaimed webmas- ter for the band. “But that’s why we’re here, to get their name out there.”
CAB caught wind of the band when a member acci-dentally clicked on a banner ad while surfing Google.
“I was just looking at cat memesandthenextthingI know I’m on some band web- site,”saidtheCABmember. “I really liked what I saw on their website, so I suggested we bring them to Piedmont.”
This will be “The Band No One Knows” first trip to the state of Georgia, a journey they’re excited to make.
“I’ve always wondered what it was like in the South,” said the bassist. “I’ve heard that southern hospitals are topnotch.”
CAB is excited for the band’s arrival, advertising their arrival as a “one-time premiereevent.”
“I’ve never heard of them, but I might go see what they’re all about,” said one student who occasionally reads advertisements when he happens to walk by them. “On second thought, I’ve nev- er heard of them. And I don’t want to miss ‘The Office.’”