Winter Workout Blues


Contributing Writer

 Shockingly October has already come and gone and now we are midway into November and you know what that means, cold weather. I do not know about you all but when it gets cold outside I stay inside and that leads to one big problem-no exercise. The warm sunny jogs are just distant summer memories. Some of you are probably struggling with this same problem. Have no worries, because it is never too late to change this sluggish winter cycle. 

  The first thing I always do is set a goal. Do I want to build some muscle or lose some weight or maybe both? No problem, with all of the different methods of working out in today’s world you can always find a program to fit your needs. The world-wide web is your best friend when it comes to different work out routines. 

  Open up Google and type in exactly what you are looking for in a workout and Volia! There will be hundreds of links ready to provide you with everything you need. 

   To take this a step further, for all of you smart phone users, there are abundant apps that can help you with staying in shape. 

   One of my favorite apps is My Fitness Pal, which is basically a calorie counter weight loss sidekick. Type in a few characteristics about your self, start documenting your meals and the app will do the rest. 

   Another great app is Strava, a running and cycling app that records how far and fast you run or ride your bicycle so you can document your progress. If these do not work to your liking, there are plenty more to choose from.

   Just make sure to read the reviews before you download or purchase an app since spare money is usually in short supply for college students.

  If your piggy bank is full and you have a few dollars set aside you can purchase one of the high dollar P90x or Insanity programs. This is a home workout regimen with your very own instructor to guide you along the way. These are good programs because they require minimal gym equipment and you can do them in the comfort of your home. 

   If you just want to be a gym rat; please remember our school gym is nicely lighted, heated and even allows you to watch television while you workout.  How much better can it get? 

 Remember working out comes down to how bad you want it; those weights aren’t going to lift themselves. So hop off the couch and get started, then when beach season rolls around you will have already done your homework and all those compliments you receive will be the extra credit.