Wanderlust: Date Night PC style


College is undeniably the most well-known time to date in life. When at a small school, it is important to be creative about the dates that you go on because there may not be much around campus. 

Dinner dates are great, whether you are going on a first date or are already in a long-term relationship, and can be fun at the right restaurant. 

I chose four restaurants as the best date restaurants around Piedmont College. 

The Attic in Clarkesville is a great place if you are looking for a casual, yet nice atmosphere. The lights are dimmed, and the tables are quaint, but the prices are affordable for a college date. 

Their Philly Cheese steak is what they are known for, however their hamburgers are incredible. The overall atmosphere in the restaurant is perfect for an intimate date. 

The Copper Pot in Clarkesville is also a great place for a special evening. 

The restaurant is nice and would be a good choice for a couple that is celebrating a special evening. The pasta was a good choice, and they always have a special cut of steak that they feature. The prices are higher, but the quantity of food matches what you are paying for. 

Fender’s Diner in Cornelia is a great place for a first date. It is a fun and relaxed atmosphere that caters to all. 

The food is fantastic and reasonably priced. This is ideal for a first date, because it is a fun restaurant that provides a comfortable experience. 

The hamburgers are good, but practically anything on the menu is a good choice. Therefore, this is the perfect, comfortable place for a first date. 

Finally, Waffle House is a great choice for any couple or first date. It is open 24 hours, so there is no problem with whatever time you decide to go on the date. 

It is ideal for people who want to experience a family atmosphere and great for busy students. The best thing to get is a waffle and an order of hashbrowns. You cannot go wrong with a waffle at Waffle House. No matter where you go on a date, make the most of the experience. Do some research on the restaurant before you go to make sure the atmosphere is appropriate for the date.