PC administration responds to chalking




In our last issue, we reported on Piedmont’s chalk policy.

Freshman art major and SGA representative Joshua McGowan had to remove some of his chalk creations after he was found in violation of the policy.

The policy, which appears in the student handbook, addresses where chalk can be displayed on campus, what messages cannot contain and who is allowed to chalk.

Natalie Crawford, Director of Student Activities and Campus Events, gave more insight into the chalking policy and the incident with McGowan.

“As it stands, we did have an issue with chalking being done,” said Crawford. “There was some miscommunication with regard to the area. It was actually on a retaining wall versus a sidewalk,”

Crawford said that recognized clubs and organizations can come to her office in the student center to request to use chalk for advertising events or displaying other messages.

“We do have a form that they would fill out,” she said.

“We have the regulations in place for a reason. I don’t think any of us want to see chalk all over the side of a building.”