Campus Activity Board plans events for Piedmont students


The Campus Activity Board (CAB) puts on many of the events promoted around campus, like those seen on large banners hanging in the dining hall.

CAB is a club made up of students of all classes that schedules a variety of entertainers, talent show competitions and other ventures such as movie nights, shopping trips, roller skating, tubing, and various Atlanta-based sporting and theatrical events, according to the Piedmont website.

The president of the club this year is junior art and history double major Rosie Walk. 

“CAB is just here to provide activities for everyone on campus,” said Walk. 

“We really want to enrich the college life for people.”

For the month of October, Walk said that CAB has a number of events planned for students. 

“We will have the traditional Haunted House on campus and the kids’ fair the same night if you’re not into scary things,” Walk said. 

“There will also be three Sundays in October where we will have scary movies on the quad.”

There will also be the anticipated trip to Six Flags in late October, and spoken word artist and comedian Ronnie Jordan will also be returning for another comic show. 

Last March, Jordan performed at Piedmont and received rave reviews from students. 

“We were shopping around for comedians to come, and then we thought of bringing Ronnie Jordan back because everyone loved him,” Walk said.

Every Friday, Walk said, there will be a Power Hour on the quad where they will play music and games as a way to celebrate the end of the week. 

Walk explained that there are a lot of new members in CAB this year, including almost 20 freshmen that she was not expecting. 

“It was really exciting because they were all happy to help, and we were glad to have them,” said Walk.

The current leaders in CAB are: sophomore business major Emily DeLorenzo as vice president, junior early childhood education major Brooke Martin as Secretary and Treasurer, junior nursing major Riley Roberts as Events Coordinator, sophomore English mass communications double major Janie Harris and senior mass communications major Danielle Morgan as Student Advertising Directors, and sophomore business major Michelle Morelli as Recruitor.

“Our overall goal is to provide events that people will actually go to,” said Walk. 

“We’re really trying to push positivity this year and make a whole new face for CAB.”

If students want to learn about other upcoming events or how to join CAB, they are welcome to contact any of the board members in the Student Center.