The Tofu: Piedmont course catalogs changes


Piedmont recently made changes to the course catalog that changed the numbering of classes, but another big change comes along with it. 

That’s right, PC’s newest catalog serves up a bigger menus of tasty new classes. 

Love riding ostriches? 

Lucky for you, the art department has created a class called “Large Bird Jockeying 1101.” 

The school is even providing uniforms for competitions. 

Considering there are students with bird allergies (why else would feathered animals be banned from the dorms?) who still love the chirp-chirpping sounds of the fowl kingdom, the music department is offering a course titled “Mating Calls of the Modern Mockingbird 4006.” 

Birds not your thing? Are you more of an Italian food artist? 

Chartwells has announced that they, too, will be featuring a class called “Prego, You’re Welcome 1102.” 

This class will require students to buy their own spatulas and aprons, but chef’s hats in Piedmont green will be taken care of by the college. 

There are also some classes geared more toward general education requirements like, “History of Mollusks 1101 and 1102,” “English 2330: Doodling on the Page,” and more. 

Piedmont expects an influx of students, of both the freshmen and transfer varieties, to the college over the next few years as the new courses are sure to attract quite a bit of attention. 

The best part is, current students get to be the guinea pigs for all of the new classes, or they can just play with Guinea pigs in “Education 1322: Classroom Pets.”