Lions Stand Up to Cancer


Staff Writer

The annual Light the Night Walk hosted by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society will be held Friday, October 4. 

Students will meet at the Athens Campus parking lot around 5 p.m. before taking shuttles downtown to the Classic Center. 

Do not worry about eating beforehand, as food and beverages will be provided. With this being said, overindulgence before the walk is not recommended. 

The walk is a roughly one-mile loop around downtown and allows for participants to move at their own pace. 

Light the Night is a special event in which the Piedmont community can come together for an enjoyable night of food, fun, and drinks, but more importantly, it is a wonderful opportunity to raise money and awareness for cancer research.

Zack Churchill, the coordinator of student life and services,  has been instrumental in creating excitement around the event on campus. 

“We as a college feel it is incredibly important to be active in the community. The Light the Night event is so important because everyone knows someone or is close to someone that has battled blood cancers, even some of our own faculty and staff have fought these diseases,” said Churchill.

“Raising funds to help find a cure is the least we can do. As we make our final push leading up to the October 4 event, I encourage everyone to get involved. Buy a shirt, donate your spare change, and volunteer to walk. We are getting closer and closer to beating this disease with every penny.” 

There are many ways to get involved, and, as Churchill said, every penny counts. Students have already put together several events in an effort to raise money. 

If you happened to miss the bake sale or pizza party, that’s okay, there is still plenty of time to donate. 

Light the Night T-shirts are on sale for $15 and bracelets are on sale for $1. Donation boxes scattered around campus. 

T-shirts are not required for the walk but, many participants will wear them. 

The beginning fundraising goal was $2,000 and we are currently at $1,200. 

Reaching the set goal would be a fantastic achievement for Piedmont and the money raised would go a long ways in the fight to beat cancer.