McMovie: Piedmont student reviews “This Is The End”


By Jacob McKee, columnist

This past weekend, the summer comedy smash hit “This Is The End” returned to theatres for a special engagement. The movie, which opened nationwide in June, chronicles the apocalypse through the eyes of a few washed-out celebrities: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson, all playing themselves.

Does it sound stupid? Because I’ll admit that I was a bit unsure about the film as I walked into the theatre. I was wrong.

“This Is The End” is absolutely hilarious. It is unapologetically obscene, but it uses the crass humor to its advantage and really hits the audience’s funny bones. The fact that most of the movie is completely improvised by expert comic actors makes it even more impressive. The plotline and the jokes might offend some people who aren’t able to make light of serious subjects, but if you’re willing to step back and just laugh at anything and everything, you’ll find something to laugh at in this movie.

Though the cheesy special effects make for a pretty hilarious rendition of the rapture, the real backbone of this movie comes in its performance. There are a few that are noticeably weaker. Specifically, Baruchel and Rogen aren’t the best and flounder when they don’t have their fellow actors’ support.

However, most of the performances in this movie are genius. Franco, Robinson and Hill all have outstanding skill when it comes to the type of comedy they’re presenting. Hill, in particular, has an outstanding moment late in the movie that will leave you rolling on the floor in tears.

There’s also a couple of bit players that really make the movie. In particular, Danny McBride absolutely makes the movie. He’s the biggest jerk you will ever see in your life, but the other characters in the movie are acting so idiotic that honestly, sometimes you feel like you’re on his side.

The other big hit of the movie was Michael Cera, who played himself quite unlike most of the world imagines. It’s almost ironic that
Michael Cera breaks out of his
charming-but-awkward image in a role where he plays, well, Michael Cera.

Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, shows up for a few minutes to get some help from the guys in the house, but ends up not really wanting to stay too long. Perhaps the funniest cameo comes extremely late in the movie. I’m not going to reveal it to you because it really is better as a surprise.

“This Is The End” comes out on DVD on Oct. 1, so if you’re okay with obscene yet hilarious humor, then this really should jump on your Redbox wishlist. Take it from me: it should.