Summer of Adventure at Piedmont College


England and Spain were not the only Maymaster opportunities offered to students this past summer. 

There were also students studying abroad and earning course credits while traveling to both Italy and New York City.

The students studying abroad in Italy visited Milan, Florence, Pisa and Rome. 

Because they were receiving course credits for both art and psychology, they spent a great deal of time in museums, viewing famous works of art such as “The Last Supper” and Michelangelo’s “David.” 

They also soaked in Italy’s rich cultural history by visiting the Trevi Fountain, The Doumo, The Forum, The Pantheon and even The Vatican, where they got an up-close view of The Pope. 

“[The Leaning Tower of Piza] was chill,” said junior political science major Colt Woodall.

  Stateside, students interested in receiving course credit in theatre and English ventured up the East coast to New York City. 

They visited all of the typical spots tourists visit when going to New York: The Top of the Rock, Central Park, and Washington Square.

To satisfy their English credits, they also toured several of historical libraries, and attended a poetry slam, where people from all walks of life were allowed to stand in front of people and use an expressive, emotional medium to tell their stories. 

As part of their theatre course, the students also visited several historical theaters in NYC, and watched a number of currently running Broadway shows, including “Peter and the Starcatcher.” 

“[This show was my] favorite because of it’s minimalist style, which served to really highlight the talent of the actors,” said junior theatre major Caroline Harmon.

 As their ten days of walking about The Big Apple drew to a close, Piedmont students came from the hustling, bright city of New York back to Demorest.

Piedmont College offers students an abundance of options for summer studying abroad, that aim to broaden students’ horizons and provide them with an experience of a culture unlike that found at Piedmont.