Piedmont College: An Informed Campus

By: Jesse Sutton, News Editor

This past weekend, my friends and I were watching “V for Vendetta.” During the film, the character V states “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” But, to me, people can only be empowered if they are informed. 

In today’s information-filled society, our concentration on simple things is challenged by the thousands of messages entering our brains at once. From news sources to advertisements to social media, current generations are never but seconds away from information. 

However, I am coming to realize this multitude of information isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. I encounter people all the time who are so uninformed on various issues of actual importance. For example, what gained more attention in the media: Miley Cyrus at the VMAs or the issues occurring in Syria? 

Last school year, I was talking to a classmate about the election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. As we discussed the politicians, I asked when he had the opportunity to vote. He then told me he didn’t vote because the new Halo game had just come out. 

As a people who are active members of society, it is imperative that we are informed of the issues surrounding us- from a national perspective to a Northeast Georgia perspective. At Piedmont, students have the opportunity of being able to participate in and read a student-run newspaper. The Navigator is produced by students for students in order to keep all informed of the positive, negative and neutral that happens at the college. The decisions made here by faculty, staff and other students can directly affect the learning outcomes and experiences of other students on this campus. In order to be successful, a community needs to be run by informed citizens who understand their communities. At Piedmont, informed students can take action on issues that need to be fixed or continue progressing the college forward.