Student vs. Editor: Battle of the boy bands


Contributing Writer

*NSYNC was every girl’s obsession in the 90s, alongside the Backstreet Boys. Although at the time, the groups seemed almost equally liked, these days there is a strong tension between which group is actually better. Personally, I think *NSYNC is better.

A few weeks ago, the Backstreet Boys performed on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” In all honesty, I felt sorry for them. It hurt to watch. Although boy bands like One Direction, The Wanted and 5 Seconds of Summer are on the rise, boy bands of the 90s should be left in the 90s. An occasional “reunion” would be fine, but these bands should remain part of our memories.

*NSYNC’s hits “Bye Bye Bye,” “I Want You Back,” and “It’s Gonna be Me” are songs that we can all belt out. They take us back to our younger days and remind us of great times.

The Backstreet Boys are trying to carry on and produce new things. My association with the Backstreet Boys is my 10-year-old self. I cannot find it in myself to give up those memories with that group for the new stuff they are doing that I, in truth, find cheesy.

*NSYNC will forever remain in the part of my heart that loves Beanie Baby toys, crimped hair, and “Doug.” I can’t replace that with a resurrection of the group, like the Backstreet Boys are trying, yet not succeeding, to do.



Features Editor 

Let’s just face the facts. The only reason *NSYNC is on anyone’s radar is because they got back together for a single performance for the Video Music Awards, but the Backstreet Boys (BSB) have been making music continuously together for the past 20 years.

Each of the guys, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean, Nick Carter and Howie Dorough, have gone off to do their own solo projects, or have just spend time away from the limelight to enjoy their families, but they just keep coming back for more.

Sure, sure, the boys from *NSYNC have chops and their track record can prove that. However, it takes a special kind of group to stick it out after 20 years. Though Richardson was not part of the last album, “This is Us,” he has made his way home to the BSB for the newly released “In A World Like This” and adds that extra something to their already gorgeous harmonies.

With over 130 million albums sold worldwide, compared to *NSYNC’s sad 56 million, the BSB have forged a place in boy band history as legends and are welcome to grace my ears with every new song for as many years as they please. N’Stink (sorry I’m not sorry) just wasn’t meant to play the game as long as my beloved Backstreet Boys. So put your hands up in the shape of a heart and scream with me, “Backstreet’s back, alright.”