Hogwarts Legacy: What Would Harry, Ron and Hermione Think?


This character created in Hogwarts Legacy interacts with a cat on the way to a Charms lesson PHOTO//Connor Creedon

Connor Creedon, News and Features Editor

Harry Potter fans and wizarding world enthusiasts across the gaming spectrum have recently been occupied with the new “Hogwarts Legacy” video game, accessible on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc. Its release on Feb. 10, 2023, earned it The Game Award for “Most Anticipated Game” and has also retained a 9/10 rating by users on Steam. 

The open world, role-playing format developed by Portkey Games and published by Warner Bros. is set in the Wizarding World universe as created by J.K. Rowling, except it takes place in the 1800s, roughly a century before the timeline of the Harry Potter chronicles. 

This game release specifically caught my attention due to the various way the advertisements for it were presented to me as a media user. I first viewed the official ad for the game on TV, and from there I continued to see it frequently on multiple channels. User-created videos began to find their way onto my social media feeds, specifically TikTok and Twitter, which provided a different look into the game because actual gameplay was being shared. 

A created character has the ability to choose what House to join, go on missions to pursue mystery around the Hogwarts castle, fight in PvP combat and cast a variety of spells that can be unlocked by accomplishing unique achievements. Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Gringots Bank, The Forbidden Forest, Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch and many other mystical locations that we have pictured in our heads from the books, fans can finally experience for themselves in the immersive experience.

I have just recently begun playing “Hogwarts Legacy,” and in my opinion, the game looks to have a lot of great upsides. The introductory scenes included an informative storyline with plenty of action. One of the most enjoyable experiences in the prologue was the various experiences with combat and other forms of unique movements in the game and on the control pad.

Others however have heard and evaluated different experiences curating differing perspectives of the game. Avid video game enjoyer, PS5 owner and constructor of his own high-powered gaming PC Cole Elrod has yet to play “Hogwarts Legacy” but keeps a keen ear to the streets of video game culture.

“In my experience, it kind of fell off a cliff. Pre-release, so many people were talking it up, and I debated on getting it for some time. The longer I held off, the less hype I heard once the game was released,” says Elrod. “I still haven’t bought or played the game, but I am always open to that opportunity. At some point, I would probably end up getting the game myself due to the graphics and free-roam gameplay format.”

A great aspect of the game experience is the interactions with some of the mythical creatures and beasts that coexist with the wizards and witches of the world. Hagrid’s Hypogriff Buckbeak, Phoenix, Mooncalf, Thestral and Diricawl are some of the horrifyingly interesting aspects of the game to appreciate. 

The graphics and animation choices made by the developers at Avalanche Software give Harry Potter fans one of the best personal Wizarding World experiences to date. PlayStation has done the majority of advertising for “Hogwarts Legacy,” encouraging players to use the NextGen PS5 when enjoying the visual enhancements to the gameplay.

The “Hogwarts Legacy” video game is a great way for anyone interested in a great storyline and highly developed graphics to get lost in the magic and unlock their own wizarding potential. If you catch yourself wondering if you should invest in the magic, I would recommend waiting for the price to drop $10 more and diving into the game then. 

How will your “Hogwarts Legacy” experience compare to the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione?