Softball Team Splits on Senior Night


Staff Writer

The Piedmont College Lady Lions split their last home double header against the #2 Emory Eagles, April 9, on Senior Night at Walker Field with the scores of 2-12 and 5-4, respectively.

In the first game, Emory began the first inning with three runs and held Piedmont from scoring in the first inning. Piedmont left three runners on base. 

Emory then scored another three runs before leaving three runners on base. Piedmont failed to respond when they came up to bat, leaving two runners on base with no hits.

In the third, Piedmont again failed to score after Emory had another two players run across home plate. 

Emory began the fourth with a home run, and hit another with two runners on base, scoring another three runs. Piedmont wasn’t able to score again until the fifth inning.

Emory was unsuccessful in scoring during the fifth, but Piedmont scored their first two runs. 

At this point, the mercy rule was applied. The mercy rule says that if a team is up by eight runs or more after five innings, the game is over.

Piedmont used three pitchers in the first game. Junior Brittney Head played for 1.2 innings and allowed six hits, six runs, two hit by pitch, and two walks.  Freshman Jordan Bennett played for two innings and allowed seven hits, six runs, and one walk. Freshman Samantha Gibson played for 1.1 innings and had two strike outs. 

Players who scored for Piedmont include senior Taylor Morgan and Freshman  Olivia Duncan. 

In the second game, neither team scored until the second inning when Emory scored two runs. 

Emory gained another two runs, one in the third inning and one in the fourth inning. These were Emory’s last scores of the day. Piedmont soon responded with two runs in the bottom of the fifth. 

Piedmont scored again in the sixth inning.

In the seventh inning Piedmont scored two runs, securing the 5-4 win. 

Piedmont pitcher Jordan Ellingson played the full seven innings. She allowed nine hits, four runs, one walk, and one hit by pitch. She struck three batters out.