Hallo, Germany: German Club brings Deutschland to PC


Staff Writer

Piedmont’s German Club held a German dance party event titled “Kommen Sie Hier,” roughly translated to “You Come Here,”  in the student center TV room on April 11, and to their surprise, 70 people showed up. 

It was a night that was filled with German music, food, and drinks; such is the way with the newly-found German club. 

“It was fully of energy and lively music. There were some interesting chocolates, as well,” said sophomore mass communication major Xandy Green. 

“People were laughing and having a lot of fun, unlike at some of the other dances that have taken place here.”

Though the party’s advertising was low key, the amount of people that showed up actually surprised Professor of German, Monika Schulte. 

“I was thinking to have maybe 15 to 20 students,”  said Schulte. 

“But by 7:45, there were 70 people were in that small room, and everyone was dancing, and it was like we were in the Sahara Desert!”

In other words, the party was more than a hit. 

“I did not think in my wildest dreams that it would have been such as hit as it had been,” Schulte said. “For a Piedmont event, the attendance was rather unusual, and having that amount of people both shocked and excited me at the same time.”

The event made a huge impact on the students as they talked about how much fun they had. 

Many people who attended the party were not interested in German class or the club, but it is Schulte’s hope that, because they came and enjoyed themselves, they will want to be a part of making more events like this happen.

The German Club is a new addition to Piedmont’s mix of clubs and organizations. Schulte, a native of Germany, is the club’s advisor who encourages all students to join in on the fun, even if they haven’t taken any German studies classes.

The club has recently been invited to attend an expo at Kennesaw State University this month to represent Piedmont.